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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Female
First Appearance: The Sobor Development
Last Appearance: Return of the Infinite Cyclorama
Portrayed By: Cassie McFarlane, Josette Simon, and Grace Jones
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Infinity Knight Lunda was an associate of the Fourth Inspector. She was played by Cassie McFarlane in Season 16, Josette Simon in Season 17, and Grace Jones in Season 18.

Adventures with the Inspector[]

Lunda was an Infinity Knight (emphatically not an "Infinity Dame") assigned to the Inspector as a rookie partner in "The Sobor Development", the first serial in the "Bolt of Space" story arc. She proved willing to do whatever it took to achieve their objectives, ultimately carrying the Bolt of Space on a seemingly one-way trip to another dimension in order to keep it away from the Orange Warden for eternity in "The Doomsday Scenario".

Josette Simon as Lunda

However, she survived and plotted her revenge, returning in the serial "Fortuity of the Blorgons" in a newly metamorphosed incarnation. Reconciling with the Inspector, she rejoined him on his transtemporal investigations, such as "The Mona Lisa Caper", in which they defended the Inspector's friend Pablo Picasso in the theft of the Louvre's most famous painting in 1911. Her next metamorphosis was intended as the grand finale of Season 17 in the incomplete and unaired serial "Ashata" but was subsequently left unexplained, to the great annoyance of fans.

Grace Jones as Lunda

The third Lunda's personality was described (arguably unfairly) by the Inspector as "capricious, arrogant, self-opinionated, and irrational" but provided some dramatic tension in their relationship. In the end, though, the Inspector deliberately left Lunda behind inside the Infinite Cyclorama with the non-Euclidean Horrible Horde in the serial "Return of the Infinite Cyclorama" (the last in the so-called "Non-E Space Trilogy").