Joey Eliot

Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: The Cube in Time
Last Appearance: The Crime Sports
Portrayed By: Suzanna Leigh
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Josephine "Joey" Eliot was an associate of the Second Inspector. She was played by English actress Suzanna Leigh during Seasons 5-6.


A perfectly ordinary and unremarkable girl from the Sixties' Swinging London, Joey joined the Inspector and Aiden after she was accidentally transported to the 26th century by the spacetime experiments of the chrono-scientists at Hypercube W1K.

Joey menaced by the Fungi from Venus in "The Spores of Doom"

Remembered as the kindest of the Inspector's associates, Joey deeply influenced the literally heartless Infinity Knight. Her innate human sympathy gradually softened his often callous personality during their encounters with the Crütonnes, the Sulphur Soldiers, the Circuit-Chaps, and the Infinite Cyclorama.

At the Infinity Knight High Command's inquiry against the Inspector in the conclusion to the serial "The Crime Sports", she successfully appealed to them to allow her and Aiden to retain their memories of their adventures with the Inspector before being returned to their own time streams.


  • Although Suzanna Leigh had been acting since she was a teen, she came to the attention of Inspector Spacetime creator Anthony Bonham Pease when she attended London's Opera Ball costumed as Madame du Barry, arriving in a specially made sedan chair carried by five authentically uniformed footmen, who had transported her through the streets of Mayfair.
    • Pease would have to wait, however, until Leigh finished filming Paradise, Hawaiian Style, opposite Elvis Presley, before he could sign her up for his programme.
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