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Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin.jpg
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: Fry and Laurie
Last Appearance: The Inspector That Wouldn't Leave
Portrayed By: Georgia Taylor
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Joanna Martin was a medical student who used to travel with the Tenth Inspector and briefly the Eleventh. She was played by English actress Georgia Taylor in series 3. 


She developed a massive crush on the Inspector that lasted a whole season before the Inspector sent her to work with Exo-Pol. She reappeared occasionally to assist the Inspector, but when he metamorphosed into the Eleventh, Joanna realised she didn't fancy him anymore. She joined him on some of his travels, and they had a few great adventures. After meeting Minnie Smythe, Joanna eventually left the Inspector so she could live her own life with Minnie as her lover.

Joanna grew up in the fields of Gloucestershire, where she learned to love running through the grass. However, her father did not like to clean the grass stains off her shoes, so Joanna started leaving them off and exploring the countryside in her bare feet, which she found to be the most enjoyable sensation she ever knew, and inspired a dream to walk the Earth as a traveling doctor, sans shoes. She became known as "Joanna the Shoe-Stuffer" for her vehement hatred toward footwear and habitually barefoot lifestyle, often discarding her shoes and socks at the drop of a hat. Eventually, she gave them up for good.