Inspector Spacetime vs. the Blorgons was a 1964 movie starring Christopher Lee as "Inspector Spacetime" and Hayley Mills as his niece, Susannah. It was based on the 1962 Inspector Spacetime television serial "The Blorgons" and was the first of two film adaptations made by Fílos Films in the 1960s. After the success of this film and its sequel, Blorgons—Extortion Earth 2150, Lee was convinced to replace the departing Leslie French in the role of the Inspector on the television programme.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Inspector Spacetime is a fantastic being, he travels through time and space with BOOTH, a spaceship shaped like a British phone box. With his human associates, he lands on a planet called Oraks. They soon meet the Jals and the Blorgons, who fight each other for the control of the planet. Although he does not want to to get involved at first,when Bart and Irma Chatterley are kidnapped by the Blorgons, he and Susannah must cooperate with the Jals to get them back.

Differences from the series[edit | edit source]

  • The Inspector is called "Inspector Spacetime".
  • Inspector Spacetime is the son of a female Infinity Knight and a male human making him unique in the universe.
    • However, this is the first mention of the Infinity Knights, which was later made canon in "The Crime Sports".
  • The Blorgons are shown in many colours: there are red, green, orange, blue, yellow Blorgons in the movie.
  • Inspector Spacetime is travelling with his niece and a married couple named Irma and Bart Chatterley. In the original serial, he was accompanied by Susannah Overseer and later Irma Rong and Bart Gilbert.
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