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Inspector Spacetime
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Original era: 20th Century
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
Appears In: Inspector Spacetime vs. the Blorgons, Blorgons-Extortion Earth 2150, The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector 2012 Christmas Special
Portrayed By: Christopher Lee
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For the television show, see Inspector Spacetime.

Inspector Spacetime was the name of the character played by Christopher Lee in two movies from the early 60's before Lee became the official Second Inspector on television.


Inspector Spacetime was born on the Infinity Knight home world from a Kayaclaschian mother and a human father. Because of his mixed genes, he was not allowed to attend the Infinity Knight college and instead was sent to live on Earth. There, he learned alongside humans and lived like one of them. Completely integrated into Earth society, he treats his associates as friends and doesn't patronise them. He has a heart, because of his human side, and always tries to assist the people he meets.

On his hundredth birthday, his mother sent him a gift: the BOOTH, a machine that could travel through time and space. Eager to try it, he left Earth with his best friends to see the Universe. In his first adventure, he landed on Oraks and helped the Jals to fight the Blorgons. Later, while travelling to Earth in the future, he had to contend with another Blorgon threat to his home planet.

"The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector" 2012 Christmas Special[]

Inspector Spacetime in 2012 (and the Eighth Inspector behind him)

For the programme's 50th anniversary, Lee reprised his role as Inspector Spacetime as this character's chronology was sucked into the official one after the Inspector General triggered the Time Wave in the cliffhanger ending to "The Night of the Inspector". When the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Unknown Inspectors find themselves temporally stranded in Victorian England at the end of "The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector", Inspector Spacetime suddenly appears in his BOOTH to return them to 2012—a literal deus ex machina that divided Inspectrum fans between those who considered it a pandering plot twist and those who thought it was awesome.