For the character played by Christopher Lee in the movies, see Inspector Spacetime (character).
Inspector Spacetime
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Format: Science Fiction
Created by: Sir Anthony Bonham Pease
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Starring: See list of Inspectors
Original channel: BTV
Original language(s): English
No. of series: 33
No. of episodes: 813 (see list of episodes)
Original run: 1962–1988
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Inspector Spacetime is the main focus on this wiki. It is a classic British science-fiction programme that premiered on BTV on Saturday, 24 November, 1962 and still entertains us. It concerns the adventures of a time-travelling extraterrestrial detective called the Inspector who patrols the universe in a red phone box, solves mysteries, and saves planets.



Year Event Date
1962 First episode broadcast, starring Leslie French as the First Inspector 24 November
1962 First appearance of the Blorgons 22 December
1964 Christopher Lee stars in the film Inspector Spacetime vs. the Blorgons
1965 Lee stars in the sequel film Blorgons—Extortion Earth 2150
1965 First appearance of the Circuit-Chaps 2 October
1965 First Inspector metamorphoses 30 October
1965 Lee debuts on television as the Second Inspector 6 November
1966 First appearance of the Sulphur Soldiers 12 November
1968 Second Inspector metamorphoses 22 June
1969 Bernard Fox debuts as the Third Inspector 4 January
1970 First appearance of the Sergeant (played by Vincent Price) 3 January
1972 First appearance of the Rostraans 16 December
1973 Third Inspector metamorphoses 9 June
1973 Marius Goring debuts as the Fourth Inspector 29 December
1977 Terry Pratchett is hired as script editor
1979 Pratchett leaves programme to return to writing novels full time
1980 Fourth Inspector metamorphoses 22 March
1980 Lynda Bellingham debuts as the Fifth Inspector 5 January
1982 20th anniversary special broadcast 20-21 November
1983 Fifth Inspector metamorphoses 19 March
1983 Graham Chapman debuts as the Sixth Inspector 26 March
1984 First appearance of the Maharani 4 February
1984 BTV puts production on 18-month "time out" 31 March
1985 Sixth Inspector metamorphoses 6 September
1985 Stephen Fry debuts as the Seventh Inspector 6 September
1988 BTV suspends production "indefinitely" 3 December
1992 30th anniversary charity special broadcast 21-22 November
1999 Steve Carell stars as the Eighth Inspector in TV movie co-produced by BTV and UPN 29 May (UK)
2001 David P. Russell pitches revived television series to BTV
2002 BTV resolves remaining accounting issues with UPN over co-production of 1999 TV movie
2004 Mark Williams debuts as the Ninth Inspector 28 March
2004 Ninth Inspector metamorphoses 19 June
2004 "Daniel Landlord" (stage name of Christopher Obi) debuts as the Tenth Inspector 25 December
2009 Tenth Inspector metamorphoses 1 January
2009 Stefan Toffat takes over as showrunner after departure of David P. Russell
2009 Travis Richey debuts as the Eleventh Inspector 4 April
2012 Eleventh Inspector metamorphoses 25 December
2013 Debut of the Twelfth Inspector 31 August
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