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Inspector Minerva
Inspector Minerva.png
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Female
First Appearance: Exodus of the Blorgons
Last Appearance: The Abominable Ally
Portrayed By: Camilla Silsbury
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Inspector Minerva was an Infinity Knight colleague of the Inspector. She was played by English actress Camilla Silsbury in Seasons 12, 14, 15, 20 and 23.

Adventures with the Inspector[]

First introduced in a cameo appearance as the Infinity Knight who tipped off the Fourth Inspector to the Blorgons' schemes on Earth, Inspector Minerva was elevated to the position a foil-cum-rival when he was recalled to Kayaclasch in "The Lethal Murderer". She periodically returned in "The Theft of Space", "Five Inspectors, One Time Booth", "Rainbow of Eternity", and the "Internal Investigation of the Inspector" series arc.


  • She was never a favourite among fans, despite BTV producers' continual attempts to promote her, including flying out the actress who portrayed her to San Diego's Kayaclasch Zero and Toledo's BOOTH fan conventions.
  • Her catch phrase "No-one calls me baby!" particularly grated since nobody did, in fact, ever call her baby.