Infinity Knights
The Infinity Knights' Bastion, location of the High Command and the Police-Time Academy
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Biological Type: Humanoid
Notable Individuals: See list of notable Infinity Knights
First Appearance: A Timeless Man
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The Infinity Knights were an ancient and powerful species that originated on the planet Kayaclasch. The Inspector and his archenemy, the Sergeant, are now the last of them.

Naming Edit

They should technically be called the Kayaclaschians, but they were dubbed the Infinity Knights when they discovered the secret of space-time travel.

History Edit

They were masters of the universe thanks to their advanced technology. It was their duty originally to protect the space-time continuum, which was why they dispatched so many inspectors to various time periods. As the millennia went on, they became corrupt and wanted to annihilate all opposition to their order. This led to the Time Wave and the destruction of Kayaclasch, all the Infinity Knights except the Inspector, and (seemingly) the Blorgons.

They were not fully erased, however, and nearly managed to return in "The Last Minutes", led by their historical hero Sassafrass, thanks to a failsafe backup device known as the Lemniscate.

Anatomy Edit

They look exactly like humans, although according to the Inspector, humans are the ones who look like the Infinity Knights. One of the biggest differences between the two species is that the Infinity Knights do not have hearts. They also have the capacity to completely change their bodily appearance when near death. The programme writers once hinted this could only be done fourteen times but the actual limit has never been established.

Notable Infinity Knights Edit

Assorted individual Kayaclaschians have appeared in the programme over the course of the decades.

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