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Infinity Knight High Command
Leader: Commissioner Sassafrass
Type: Law enforcement
Origin: The Big Bang
Prominent Members: The Inspector, Lunda, Susannah Overseer
Affiliations: Kayaclasch
First Appearance: The Crime Sports
Appearances: Second,Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Inspectors
Size: unknown
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The Infinity Knight High Command is the ultimate Kayaclaschian authority and oversees several different departments. The Supratemporal Constabulary Department (SCD) covers the routine policing of the universe across eternity. The higher level Horological Ministry's Investigative Command (HMIC) handles the most serious time-travelling crimes. Finally, the fearsome Chronospatial Inquiry Division (CID) conducts internal investigations of all Infinity Knights' activities. (It was the agents from the CID who were following the Second Inspector over the course of Season Six and who brought him back to Kayaclasch for a formal hearing in the final episode of "The Crime Sports".)

The High Command was founded, retroactively, at the start of the Big Bang since Commissioner Sassafrass travelled back in time specifically to establish it then. The organization is consequently the oldest police force in the universe, as well as the most powerful. Its supremacy came to an end only after the devastating Time Wave.