HMS Spacetime 12
HMS Spacetime 12
Type: Spaceship
Inventor(s): The Maharani
User(s): The Inspector
First Appearance/Mention: Space or the Maharani
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The HMS Spacetime 12 was a spaceship used by the Seventh Inspector during season 24.

History Edit

At the end of "Space or the Maharani", the Inspector abruptly decided that he needed to change his habits and that the BOOTH had a good run. He left with his associate Benjamin in the HMS Spacetime 12.

In "Krakenice", the Inspector met again with the Maharani, who revealed she manipulated him into taking the Spacetime 12 for unknown purposes. After that story, the ship was destroyed, and the Inspector got his BOOTH back.

Production Edit

The HMS Spacetime 12 was designed to bring a new interest the programme. Unfortunately the fans unanimously hated it, and the BOOTH was brought back at the end of the season.

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