Geneva Stilton
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: Bedlam of the Blorgons
Last Appearance: Raise Hell
Portrayed By: Alison Brie
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Geneva Stilton first met the Eleventh Inspector when he was travelling with Angie and Aidan and went on to become his main associate. She is played by American actress Alison Brie in Series 7 and 8.

History[edit | edit source]

Geneva held captive in "Bedlam of the Blorgons"

Before meeting the Inspector, Geneva was kidnapped by the Blorgons and committed to the planet known as Bedlam, where they were plotting to take over the asylum. When the Inspector found her, he at first believed she was a Blorgon and tried to shoot her. Fortunately, she convinced him she was human, only barely before he killed her. With the help of a mysterious Bedlamite (who claimed to have special knowledge of the Inspector's future) and his enigmatic "partner", they thwarted the Blorgons' scheme and escape.

"Theatre in Spacetime" by Karen Hallion

Later, to atone for his first impression, the Inspector returned from a brief sojourn in Earth's Dark Ages to offer her a summer holiday trip in the BOOTH as a "temporary constable". In their subsequent adventures, she encountered such classic antagonists as the Supreme Counter-Intelligence, the Circuit-Chaps, and a lone Sulphur Soldier. After the Inspector metamorphosed into his twelfth incarnation following a mishap with the Trans-Temporal Tourbillon, she continued to travel with him—as much to look after him as to discover what his secret new mission is.

Geneva acquired the nickname "The Improbable Woman" for her uncanny ability to escape death by the narrowest margins on a regular basis. Although her background remained vague, she mentioned trying to cook blintzes and working as a caretaker for the elderly.

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