Gary Mulligan
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: Android
Last Appearance: The Robot Revolution
Portrayed By: Lewis Collins
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Detective Inspector Gary Mulligan was an associate of the Fourth Inspector during his reassignment to late 20th-century Earth. He was played by Lewis Collins from Season 12 to 13.

Adventures with the Fourth InspectorEdit

D.I. Mulligan was seconded to Exo-Pol from the NYPD (although his accent wavered between the Bronx and Chicago). A self-described "Cowboy Cop from the U.S. of A.", he wore his sideburns long, his ties wide, his trousers flared, and his polyester suits in earth tones. Surprisingly, he and the earthbound alien detective made an excellent, if unconventional team, and he also carried on a lengthy flirtation with Mary Sue Brown. Together, they fought crime, from the schemes of the Inspector's old nemeses in "Exodus of the Blorgons" and "Reappearance of the Circuit-Chaps" to new villains in "Horror of the Asterozoids". (Their shared inclination to buck the Superintendent's authority sealed their friendship.) A mutually fatal fight with his mechanical duplicate in "The Robot Revolution" capped his tragic bromance with the Inspector.

His most remembered moment had to be when he clashed with Inspector Minerva in "Exodus of the Blorgons". When she warned him "No-one calls me baby!" (which would become her catch-phrase), Mulligan shot back "No one would!" "You wouldn't believe the amount of fan mail I got after that one line," Collins would whimsically recall in an interview with Inspector Spacetime Monthly in 2002.

Collins had to live down this character (and his wardrobe) when he followed then-Inspector Spacetime producer Brian Clemens to The Professionals, in which he played the hard-bitten CI 5 investigator William Bodie as a tougher version of Gary.

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