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FE-Line and Friends
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Format: Science Fiction, Drama
Created by: Anthony Bonham Pease
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Starring: Susannah York
Original channel: BTV
Original language(s): English
No. of series: n/a
No. of episodes: 1
Original run: 1980
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In 1980, Inspector Spacetime producers tried to make even more money by creating a spin-off for the popular characters FE-Line and Mary Sue Brown for BTV. Unfortunately, because of disagreements between the actors, the show was cancelled after only one episode, "A Woman's Worst Ally".

The Story[]

Mary Sue is trying to re-adapt to normal life after the Fourth Inspector left her on Earth. But on Christmas Day, she discovers a present on her front door, a robotic cat. The cat tells Mary Sue she is a friend of the Inspector—which she doesn't believe. But they're forced to cooperate to fight an incoming alien invasion. At the end of the episode, they decide to stay together to protect their planet.

Consequences for the Inspector Spacetime Universe[]

  • Even if they couldn't get their spin-off together, they will separately get one twenty years later.
  • "A Woman's Worst Ally" is considered canonical because Mary Sue can be seen with FE-Line in the episode in which the Tenth Inspector meets her again.
  • A twist revealing that Mary Sue was the Sergeant's daughter was planned but never made out on screen. With all the recent developments, it is considered very unlikely to be ever referenced.