FE-Line (TV show)
title card
Format: Science Fiction
Created by: Motoo Fujimoto
Country of Origin: Japan
Starring: Akiko Yajima (voice)
Original channel: Giapan Television Network
Original language(s): Japanese
No. of series: 4
No. of episodes: 42
Original run: 2009-current
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For the Inspector's Associate, see FE-Line.

The children's FE-Line TV series is produced by the Giapan Television Network Corporation and has been running for the past several years. FE-Line is voiced by seiyū actress Akiko Yajima.

FE-Line, having spent an unknown number years as a stray, is taken in by the kindly Professor Yokoyama.  He and his robot-obsessed nephew, Kenjin, a.k.a. "Kenny" in the English-language dub, repair and upgrade her to a new model, rendered in a combination of live-action special effects and traditional cel anime. Her Inspector-related memory circuits, however, have apparently been damaged beyond restoration, which may explain why the series never crosses over with, or even alludes to, its parent program.

New FE-Line

FE-Line's controversial new look

With the help of her new friends, FE-Line defends the Earth—mainly Tokyo—against over-sized terrestrial and giant extraterrestrial monsters, which she fights in her giant "Mega Neko" mode. Despite regularly saving the world, however, FE-Line must struggle to earn respect from ordinary people.

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