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Exo-Pol logo.png
Leader: Superintendent Irvine Leith
Type: Law enforcement
Origin: 20th Century
Prominent Members: The Superintendent, Sergeant Fenton, Gary Mulligan, Joanna Martin
Affiliations: Earth
First Appearance: Circus of Creatures
Appearances: Third, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth, The Eleventh Inspector, and Twelfth Inspectors
Size: 20,000 officers and employees
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The Extraterrestrial Overwatch Police, commonly abbreviated Exo-Pol, is an intergovernmental organisation facilitating international police cooperation in the prevention of alien crime.

London Branch[]

Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector Irvine Leith was appointed Superintendent of Exo-Pol's London Branch following his exemplary inquiry into unearthly volcanic activity in the subway system ("The Underground of Doom"). In his later enquiries, he would be assisted by Sergeant Tom Fenton. During the early 1970s, the Fourth Inspector and DI Gary Mulligan served under him, investigating plots by the Blorgons, the Circuit-Chaps, the Sergeant, and many others.

Mary Sue Brown was a civilian photojournalist with close but unofficial ties to the organisation. Her photography archive was said to be top secret (but she kept a slideshow of her years with Exo-Pol in her basement).

In current episodes, Exo-Pol is headquartered inside Tower Bridge.

In the 2012 episode "Squared", it was revealed that Exo-Pol was now under the control of Irvine Leith's son, Kurt Leith. Kurt would return in the 50th anniversary episode "The Night of the Inspector" to help the multiple incarnations of the Infinity Knight who had banded together.