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Also known as: Saurornithoides sapiens
Planet of Origin: Earth
Biological Type: Reptile
First Appearance: Inspector Spacetime and the Case of the Eocenes
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The Eocenes, also known as Saurornithoides sapiens, were a sapient species of Earth dinosaur who were active from 56 to 33.9 million years BCE. After the Eocene–Oligocene extinction event, their survivors attempted to escape to other habitable worlds.


"Inspector Spacetime and the Case of the Eocenes"[]

An Eocene technician from their first appearance in 1969

One such refugee group arrives on the colony planet Greater Britain in the 23rd Century and are mistaken for a hostile alien invasion by the local Humans. Luckily, the Third Inspector is able to intercede and assists them with their navigation, sending them to the Epsilon Eridani star system where they are able to co-exist peacefully with the inhabitants of its main planet.

"The Starveling World"/"The Earth Bites Back"[]

A new-series Eocene from their 2009 appearance

In the year 3020 CE, a hibernating clan of Eocenes waiting out the extinction event in deep space reawakens and returns to Earth. They discover, however, that despite global warming, humanity is painfully adapting to the new environment. Since vegetation has been depleted across the planet, they decide to genetically engineer themselves into carnivores—with mankind as their main food supply. It's up to the Eleventh Inspector to confine them to the island of Madagascar where they can safely hunt cloned Brachiosauri, ParasaurolophiStegosauri, etc.

"A Pleasant Chap Stays At Home"[]

A recurring Eocene character named Ravaas (travelling with his human husband and his Rostraan gardener, Stalx) appears in "A Pleasant Chap Stays At Home", returning the Christmas 2011 episode and Series 7.


  • The Eocenes' first appearance is the sole case in the series' history of an on-air serial title beginning "Inspector Spacetime and the Case of…", a format otherwise reserved for Inspector Spacetime novelisations.
  • The Eocene scientist in "The Starveling World" does a passable impression of Jeff Goldblum's character in the film Jurassic Park, e.g. "If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it's that life breaks free, uh…, expands to new territories, and crashes through barriers, uh… painfully, maybe even dangerously. I'm simply saying that life must uh… find a way."; "Creator help us, we're in the hands of genetic engineers."; and "Boy, do I hate being wrong all the time."