Tracey ullman
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: Oblivion of the Blorgons
Last Appearance: TV Movie
Portrayed By: Tracey Ullman
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Theodora "Dynamo" McRae was played by the British actress Tracey Ullman. She was an associate of the Seventh Inspector. She is most most remembered for her cheerful and rather indiscriminate use of dynamite, and for the moment in the serial "Oblivion of the Blorgons" where she demolishes one of the titular menaces with a hockey stick.

In the Inspector Spacetime TV Movie, it was revealed she eventually parted ways with the Inspector, returned to Earth, got married and had children and grandchildren.


  • The casting of the nearly thirty year old Ullman to play a canonical "teenager" drew criticism from fans and critics, while in turn the actress's enthusiastic and fearless (artistically and physically) portrayal of the character mitigated some of the complaints about the perceived lackluster scripts of the era.
  • The producers have confirmed it was in direct response to these criticisms that when Ullman cameoed in the TV Movie along with Stephen Fry, she played the role in old-age makeup.


  • While Ullman has gone on record in Inspector Spacetime Monthly as saying she loved playing Dynamo, she also has admitted it was actually something of a guilty relief when Inspector Spacetime was cancelled, as the simultaneous launching of her own show in America was leading her to "burn the candle not just at both ends, but pretty much along its whole length."
  • "In almost every episode, I got to set off an honking enormous pile of dynamite! What's not to love?"
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