Planet of Origin: Jitig
Biological Type: Robot
Appears in: The Crütonnes
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The Crütonnes were a model of robots designed for high-gravity planets that appeared in the Second Inspector serial of the same name in Season 6.

The Crütonnes[edit | edit source]

An industrial model Crütonne

On the massive planet Jitig-143B, the Inspector, Aiden, and Joey learn that the colony's heavy-duty giant robots, called the Crütonnes, have begun to malfunction and are preparing to cease all work. Since humans are unable to perform any manual labour in the 2.2-G environment, a robot industrial action would quickly lead to Jitig society's downfall. While the Inspector and Aiden intend to reprogram the Crütonnes before they take over, Joey instead appeals to their emerging self-awareness to negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement with the Jitig colonists.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While the serial was popular enough with the audience, reviewers criticised its storyline as BTV's pro-business slant on the Labour government's recent nationalization of the British steel industry.
  • The Crütonnes themselves were the winning entry in one of the "I've Created a Monster" fan competitions, which the programme's producers had hoped would provide them with a villain as popular as the Blorgons and which would not have the same copyright issues.
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