Constabulary Doctor was the very first Episode of Inspector Spacetime. It was known to be the thriller cult pilot but footage has never been found. Pease decided to change his concept of his sci fi thriller into a larger show when he heard about a similar project at the Associated British Corporation by a rival producer.


The Episode was about a young Constabulary Infinity Knight from Kayaclasch who served as a Infinity Knight High Command Constabulary Police Officer.


On Dailymotion Russia, a fan of Inspector Spacetime uploaded a rare recording clip of Constabulary Doctor titled as, "The Constabulary Doctor of Kayaclasch." showing a recording of the Infinity Knight with a gun shooting a Supreme Blorgon.

Constabulary Doctor on Inspector Spacetime Season 1 (1962) DVD Blu Ray

BTV released Constabulary Doctor on DVD Behind the Scenes for Inspector Spacetime Season 1 (1962) DVD Blu Ray.

Inspector Spacetime Fans were excited and saw the lost thriller clip, they thought it was Amazing and the clip got 10/10 on IMDb.

Here is a photo of Constabulary Doctor:

BTV has banned this photo due to copyright BTV Articles online.


More About Constabulary Doctor

Constabulary Doctor had another pilot before it called The Constabulary Police, it was a short series that had only 3 episodes about a Kayaclasch who is a police officer and he rapes Women to travel with him.

The Series got cancelled due to it being really inappropriate and concerns for younger viewers watching it on BBTV the early BTV that ran from 1962.

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