Constable Rosamund
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Female
Appears In: The Underground of Doom
Portrayed By: Anna Massey
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Constable Rosamund was an honorary Associate of the Second Inspector. She was played by Anna Massey in Season 5.

"The Underground of Doom"[edit | edit source]

Rosamund (no last name ever mentioned) was a Woman Police Constable in the the London Metropolitan Police Service who assisted then-Chief Inspector Irvine Leith and the Second Inspector in investigating alien activity in the London Underground. Leith introduces her as "a bit buttoned-up but a top-notch officer"—Aiden's attempts to flirt receive only silence. Her stoically stepping up for a suicide mission against the Magma Men planning a volcanic eruption at the Piccadilly Circus tube station is a tear-jerking scene.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although she had only three lines ("How d'you, Inspector."; "Look out, Inspector!"; and "Good-bye, Inspector."), Massey's reactions and double-takes did more with a blink, an eye-roll, and a raised eyebrow than volumes of dialogue. Her performance won over the Inspectrum fandom, and she has been regarded as a favourite Associate ever since.
  • Massey was once married to actor Jeremy Brett, who had played the First Inspector Associate Bart Gilbert.
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