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Constable Reggie Wigglesworth
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Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: Odyssey's Beginning
Last Appearance: The Last of the Snarling Lions
Portrayed By: Derwin Jordan
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Constable Reggie Wigglesworth began travelling with the Inspector during his tenth incarnation and continued to travel with the eleventh for a time. He was played by Canadian actor Derwin Jordan.

Known for being quite daft, Reggie unfortunately perished in the terrible Blowfish Incident.


Toy replica of Constable Reggie's sonic whistle, from BTV's tie-in merchandise.

Reggie's first appearance is in the last minute of "Odyssey's Beginning" when he is standing in the BOOTH as the Inspector opens the door. His presence is explained in the next episode as some sort of time coincidence. He assists the Tenth Inspector until his metamorphosis, when he encounters the Sergeant and Sassafrass.

With the Eleventh Inspector, he had even more adventures, fighting Blorgons, Snarling Lions, Eocenes, and Circuit-Chaps, and seeing the return of the Union before his death.

Catch Phrases[]

  • "Blimey, Inspector!"