Concepts of Space
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Format: 2-part anniversary special
Created by: BTV
Country of Origin: UK
Starring: Past Inspectors
Original channel: BTV
Original language(s): English
Original run: 21–22 November 1993
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Concepts of Space was BTV's poorly received attempt at a charity special, done to celebrate Inspector Spacetime's 30th anniversary in 1992. Surviving cast members from throughout the programme's history returned for the special, which (for some reason) took place in the setting for long-running soap opera Coronation Street and included cameos from cast of the sitcom Cougarton Abbey. The special is generally considered a confused mess by fans, most of whom try not to think about it.


  • Although Graham Chapman had passed away several years earlier, he was represented in the special by deleted footage from Monty Python's "Court Scene with Cardinal Richelieu" sketch, in which Chapman had played the character Inspector Dim.
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