London, Earth, early 21st Century


Arcology 231163, Epsilon Reticuli, late 23rd Century


Infinity Knight capitol, Kayaclasch, date unknown

A city is defined by the Encyclopaedia Cosmosica as "a permanently inhabited place of comparatively great size and importance, although its characteristics vary from culture to culture and species to species." Generally, the term is understood to cover everything from built-up metropolitan and urban areas to megalopolises and arcologies.

The Inspector's favourite city is, of course, London, where many of his adventures have taken place across the millennia. He and his associates have also travelled to many other urban locales elsewhere on Earth. On other planets, the Inspector has visited such cities as the titular theoretical metropolis "Mathsville", the seafaring hyperstructure Aquanus ("The Gloom of Aquanus"), and the unnamed ruined capital of Oraks ("The Blorgons").

Other Earth Cities the Inspector Has VisitedEdit

  • Berlin ("Let's Kill Hitler")
  • Brussels ("Rainbow of Eternity")
  • Carthage ("The Carthaginians")
  • Chicago ("The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre")
  • Cusco ("The Incans")
  • Florence ("Fangs in Florence")
  • Las Vegas ("Blorgon")
  • Los Angeles ("Blorgons in Hollywood"/"Creationism of the Blorgons")
  • New York ("The Ocean Demons" and "The Last of the Snarling Lions")
  • Paris ("The Revolution" and "The Mona Lisa Caper")
  • Venice ("The Waters of Venice")
  • Vienna ("The Cambiare Machine"/"A Spacetime Musical")
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