Also known as: Kyberhund
Planet of Origin: Welton
Biological Type: Robot
First Appearance: The Retirement Home of the Circuit-Chaps
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The Circuit-Mutts of the Digifleet are small dog-like robots utilised by the Circuit-Chaps as guards, hunters, and spare parts retrievers.

Circuit-Mutts come in a wide assortment of models and are assembled from a mixture of components. They all have a metallic chassis and overall canine appearance. Some models have lacked eyes or mouths, and some have had no nose. At least one model had a visible rubber tongue.


Retro-model Circuit-Mutt

The Inspector first encountered these deadly robots on the planet Welton where they were guarding the abandoned factories of their dormant masters, the Circuit-Chaps, in "The Retirement Home of the Circuit-Chaps". The Eleventh Inspector came up against retro-model Circuit-Mutts when he returned to England to baby-sit a friend's child in "Grand Opening".
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