Charity Galloway
Charity Galloway
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 20th Century
Species Human
Gender Female
Appears In: TV Movie
Portrayed By: Anne Hathaway
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Charity Galloway was the main associate of the Eighth Inspector for the TV movie. She was played by American actress Anne Hathaway.


The Eighth Inspector and Charity

Charity was only a college student when she met the newly metamorphosed Eighth Inspector and labelled herself as her "niece" who waited for his return. The Inspector wasn't convinced but he decided to stay with her as she was willing to help him. Together, they escaped the Sergeant and recovered all of the BOOTH's missing components that had been scattered by the Sergeant. Charity then left Earth with the Inspector to live more adventures.


  • Charity being the Inspector's niece was planned as the first story arc of the supposed new series in which it would have been revealed that she was the long-lost daughter of the Inspector's sister and the Sergeant, which would have explained his decision to spare her life during their confrontation. However, the movie was a failure outside of the United States, and the project of a TV series was abandoned, leaving Charity's heritage unexplained. The consensus among the fans is either to forget Charity's claim or to pretend she lied to get the Inspector on her side.
  • Because of copyright issues, Charity never appeared in the Great Ending audios, the CCC comics or in The Eighth Inspector Escapades novels.
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