Captain James Haggard
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Shoone
Species Humanoid
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Cambiare Machine
Last Appearance: Prosecution of the Blorgons
Portrayed By: Jamie Bamber
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Captain James Haggard was an associate of Ninth and Tenth Inspectors and was later the lead in the spin-off Peacemist: Nicer Post, a show significantly more family-friendly than the current Inspector Spacetime. He was played by Anglo-Irish–American actor Jamie St. John Bamber.

Captain James Haggard in Peacemist:Nicer Post

Captain James had taken a vow of celibacy years before, and the spin-off show lacked any romantic or erotic subtext as a result. This character died (temporarily) in the Series 3 episode "Light Traffic", which was about a planet-wide fender-bender. He was revealed to be the Foot of Moe, a giant extremity from millions of years in the past that Captain James had evolved from.

Captain James would meet the Thirteenth Inspector in "Prosecution of the Blorgons", after a near miss in "Hunter of the Nooduj".

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