Blue Warden
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Species Immortal
Gender Unknown
First Appearance: The Sobor Development
Last Appearance: The Abominable Ally
Portrayed By: Tim Brooke-Taylor
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The Blue Warden is the opposite counterpart of the Orange Warden. He was played by Tim Brooke-Taylor.

Cosmic entities of immense power but inscrutable motivations, they are easily the most of mystifying all the Immortals. When the Fourth Inspector encountered them in the Season 16's "Bolt of Space" story arc, he learned they served neither good nor evil, chaos nor order. At one point he speculates the two might even be "the universe arguing with itself."

The Blue Warden was an affable if inscrutable ally. He personally contacted the Fourth Inspector to send him on the quest to find the Bolt of Space and specifically chose Lunda to assist him, despite their sometimes clashing personalities.

The Blue and Orange Wardens were featured, briefly, in the Season 23 "Internal Investigation of the Inspector" story arc, along with the Infinity Knight High Command, three competing factions of Blorgons, the Circuit-Chaps, the Sergeant, the Indictor, and the Instructor. Unfortunately, the plot line was cut short by BTV and was left hanging when the Seventh Inspector era started.


  • The Blue Warden's incidental music took a cue from his name, e.g. "Driftin' Blues", "Travelin' Blues", "Walkin' Blues", "Blue Monday Blues", "Every Day I Have the Blues", etc.
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