Benjamin was a human being who used to follow the Inspector. Passive and taciturn, he was forgotten even by the Inspector in the end.

He appears for the first time in the Sixth Inspector's epic serial, "The Internal Investigation of the Inspector", when he mistakes the BOOTH for a phone box. He briefly travels with the Seventh Inspector before being summarily dismissed in favor of the far more interesting and active Theodora "Dynamo" McRae.

Trivia Edit

  • Benjamin has never been referenced on the show since his death. He is not even mentioned by the Inspector when he mentions the ones who died.
    • As a consequence, a majority of fans doesn't even know him, and those who do don't label him as an "associate".
  • The character of Benjamin was so thinly drawn that Graham Chapman and Stephen Fry rarely acknowledged the presence of the actor playing the role, upstaging him and stepping on his lines with impunity.
  • To go incognito and find out how the fans felt at the 2012 InSpecTiCon convention, Travis Richey cosplayed Benjamin for one day, hoping to mingle with IS fans and get some honest opinion about the programme (as part of an intended BTV documentary). The costume turned out to be too effective, as Richey had difficulty getting people to even acknowledge his presence, and he was lame for the rest of the weekend due to people (not having any idea he was there) stepping on his feet in the crowded convention hall. Richey even had a cameraman follow him as part of the experiment (a person who was in on the prank). However, the Benjamin costume was so effective in its uninterestingness, 7 minutes into the filming, the cameraman was distracted by a table of Blorgon bobbleheads, and he never went back to Richey.
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