The Quilting Bee studio, 1999

The BTV Organophonic Quilting Bee is the lone sound effect unit of BTV, created in 1960 to produce effects and new music for their television programs. The original Organophonic Quilting Bee was based out of a converted motel on the outskirts of London.

Feats Edit

The Quilting Bee members at it's peak were famous for their incredible feats, such as:

  • Using secretly recorded orgasms to create sound effects. (Fulla Pakhirdin al-Raqisa)
  • Playing a double bass like an electric guitar. (A. Sullivan)
  • Playing a Minimoog while playing a ARP Odyssey with his foot. (Little Danny Schindler, who used to be with Spinal Tap)
  • Classical music inspired musique concrète pieces. (Fulla Pakhirdin al-Raqisa)
  • Playing a Hammond organ while playing a Minimoog from a distance using telescopic poles. (Max J. Bieber)
  • Turning amplifiers to 11. (Everyone, basically)
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