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Also known as: X7 Dimensioniser
Type: Spacetime Machine
Inventor(s): Infinity Knights
User(s): The Inspector
First Appearance/Mention: A Timeless Man
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BOOTH is what The Inspector calls his X-7 Dimensionizer, although no one knows what BOOTH stands for, even the Inspector possibly didn't know. The Dimensionizer ship may seem quite small on the inside...because it is...but there is always room for one more. Always.

History indicates that when Humans in England were creating the design for a place they could go into to make telephone calls, they modeled it after the Inspector's BOOTH, and even used the word to describe it, as a way of giving tribute to the being that had saved them so many times.  This would seem to support the generally accepted theory that the BOOTH is far older than telephone booths.

The Inspector's BOOTH is a X7 Dimensioniser, he is very proud about and always reminds the Sergeant of, who owns only a X5 Dimensioniser.

For his frequent forays into London in the early 1960s, the Inspector considered modifying his BOOTH to perfectly resemble one of the then-ubiquitous blue police call boxes (in order to fit in with his law-enforcement-related mission). However, the Orange Warden intervened in this decision, as a blue BOOTH would have shown favour to the Blue Warden. As a result, the appearance and colour of the BOOTH have remained constant, and the Inspector has personally disabled the BOOTH's "Polymorph Device" that would have enabled appearance changes.

In the episode "The Inspector's Ex", one of two episodes written by Alan Moore, it was revealed that the personification of BOOTH was a guy who called himself self Elba.

In the non-canonical UWSAASTWCATTT, BOOTH is voiced by actress Mayim Bialik.


  • The Inspector and his Associates having to cram themselves inside the BOOTH was intended to capitalise on the fad of "telephone box stuffing", which had just arrived the UK in 1959. Now the ridiculousness is lampshaded with the Associates' catch phrase "I thought it would be bigger on the inside!"
  • The original name for what we now know as BOOTH was DARSIT (Dimension And Relative Space In Time), but was changed to BOOTH after That Ripoff stole the name, and rearranged the acronym to Time And Relative Dimension In Space.