Planet of Origin: Asteroz
Biological Type: Echinoderm
First Appearance: Horror of the Asterozoids
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Asterozoids are an amphibious race of starfish-like semi-humanoids. They originated from the planet Asteroz but were forced to migrate when its oceans were ravaged by their over-fishing.


Asterozoids' bodies were originally radially symmetrical but evolved leg-like appendages once they emerged from the abyssal depths below the surface of their planet's oceans. During their complex life cycle, they return to the water to reproduce, which they do both sexually and asexually, and generally prefer to spend their time in oceanic kelp forests, seagrass meadows, and coral reefs. A voracious predator known throughout the galaxies but not otherwise war-like by nature, they have no respect for interplanetary treaties and will poach anything they can eat.

Although their appearance is unmistakably non-human, they possess powerful hypnotic abilities and are able to mesmerise other species into believing they appear to be whatever they wish.

"Horror of the Asterozoids"Edit


Captain Sáðrós, from the Asterozoids' first appearance

In the Inspector's first encounter with the Asterozoids, they had arrived on Earth, just off the coast of Cornwall. Strange reports suggesting an extraterrestrial presence there attracted the attention of Exo-Pol, and the Superintendent dispatched the Fourth Inspector and Gary Mulligan to investigate, with photojournalist Mary Sue Brown tagging along. Sightings of the legendary Morgawr sea monster tipped off the Inspector to the Asterozoids' plan to introduce invasive alien species into Earth's oceans in order to provide them with new fishing grounds.

"The Golden Jubilee of the Inspector"Edit

The Asterozoids returned for a short appearance in the 50th anniversary Christmas special, in which they had infiltrated Elizabeth II's 2002 jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace by hypnotising partygoers into mistaking them for celebrities (e.g. Dame Edna Everage, Elton John, and Ozzy Osbourne).


  • Some Inspectrum fans claimed the Asterozoids' first storyline was a veiled political allegory for the 1972 Cod War between the UK and Iceland over North Atlantic fishing territory rights (and other fans claim it predicted the next one in 1975).
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