Type: City
Location: Aquanus
Native Species: Humans
Appearances: The Gloom of Aquanus
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Aquanus was a 24th Century seafaring Human colony on the planet of the same name. It appeared in the First Inspector serial "The Gloom of Aquanus". The hyperstructure was designed to accommodate a high population density on a world covered entirely by water.

The First Inspector and his associates visited it when it was being menaced by the Shadow Vector.


  • The always budget-conscious BTV producers would reuse the footage shot of the real-life Maunsell Sea Forts to stand in for the Mid-Atlantica Habitation Platform #2342 in the Second Inspector serial "The Sunken Peril" and the Ocean Demon-imperilled Ocean Outpost 4 in the Fifth Inspector serial "The Ocean's Teeth" (which led to some highly creative hypotheses from the Inspectrum fandom to explain the continuity).
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