Angie Lake
Angie Lake Amara Karan.jpg
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance: The Clock Strikes Eleven
Last Appearance: The Last of the Snarling Lions
Portrayed By: Amara Karan
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Angelica "Angie" Lake was played by British actress Amara Karan. Angie travelled with the Eleventh Inspector.

Angie was known for her dismissive catch-phrase, "Byee, Sourpuss!", often called at the Inspector as she made a hair's-breadth escape from his clutches.

Adventures with the Eleventh Inspector[edit | edit source]

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Through quirks of time travel revealed in several episodes involving both the Tenth Inspector and the Eleventh Inspector, the story unfolded of how Angie Lake had divorced the Inspector in the future, without them ever having married in any time period at all. This left both characters with animosity and sore feelings without any benefit of fond memories of a past married relationship. The last pieces of this puzzle fell into place in a scene in the episode "The Inspector's Ex" in which the Inspector traced the depletion of his bank account to automatic time-transfers of money for alimony payments.

In "The Last of the Snarling Lions", she later attempted to reconcile herself with the Inspector by isolating his old foes in the Forbidden City, Beijing, along with their cubs - this gambit causing Rory Williams to finally decide to quit travelling with the Inspector and return to his childhood sweetheart in Leadworth, for the good of his health.

Infuriated, the Inspector isolated her in Qing Dynasty Beijing, safeguarding the BOOTH from ever returning to this specific place and time, and vowing to spend his remaining years in solitude in the Dark Ages.

Bedlam of the Blorgons[edit | edit source]

Angie turned up again in the Inspector's life - retroactively - in earlier episode Bedlam of the Blorgons. Here she was known as Sydney Sidwell, claiming to be a Blorgon trapped in human form. While the Future Inspector further hinted that she was his "partner" (as opposed to "constable", "associate" or even "ex"), it remains unclear whether or not she was a delusional Angie, a Blorgon in Angie's body, or some sort of duplicate/clone/robot.

In passing, Sydney did mention to Geneva that her body's former mind had been "deposited, like a final payment, in the greatest bank Time has ever known". It is possible that in one of his rare fits of madness, the Inspector will finally reconcile with Angie's long as her mind remains elsewhere.

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