Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Kayaclasch
Species Infinity Knight
Gender Male
Appears In: The Three Inspectors, Mawdrone Alive, Genesis, The Dark Ages
Portrayed By: Anthony Jackson
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Alpha was an Infinity Knight who lived as the same time as Sassafrass. He was played by English actor Anthony Jackson.

Alpha and Sassafrass were great friends and regarded as the smartest of their people. Together, they wrote the rules of the future infinity knight society and were the first to design a time machine. One day, they had a big fight on whether time travel could be used to help people or just to observe. Alpha didn't want to break causality and wanted to use time travel sporadically and safely to not disturb the chain of events. Sassafrass wanted to police the whole universe. Then, Sassafrass trapped Alpha on a dark matter universe, so he could rule with his own rules. Alpha was still remembered but his role in the Infinity Knight society was largely forgotten.

In "The Three Inspectors", the Third Inspector finds a way to travel to the dark matter universe and meets Alpha, who went completely crazy after centuries of isolation. Alpha's underlings included a platoon of beligerent puddings. After a long battle and the creation of a Dark Matter Inspector, Alpha was forever trapped in his universe as the Inspector locked the only gateway between the universes.

Alpha from his later appearances.

He was later visited by the Orange Warden who allowed him to come back to the main universe and asked him to kill the Inspector. Alpha tried on three separate occasion but the Fifth Inspector managed to discover his plans and arrested him.

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