Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 65th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Netherlanders
Last Appearance: Five Inspectors, One Time Booth
Portrayed By: Hamish Wilson
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Aiden was an associate of the Second Inspector. He was played by Hamish Wilson during Seasons 4-6.


Aiden was born in Scotland at a future point in the Earth history. In 6471 AD, in "The Netherlanders", he met the Inspector who offered him the opportunity to travel in time and space. He went on to assist the Inspector in his investigations into the assorted schemes of the Blorgons, Circuit-Chaps, and Sulphur Soldiers, among others. Aiden was the Second Inspector's long-serving associate, assisting him in his investigations with, variously, Peter, Petula, Regina and Joey. Unfortunately, in "The Crime Sports", the Infinity Knights, who thought that the Inspector shared too much knowledge with humans, returned Aiden to his time and prohibited the Inspector from meeting him again.

Of course, the Second Inspector eventually found a loophole in their ruling, and allowed Aiden to meet his future incarnations in the programme's 20th anniversary special "Five Inspectors, One Time Booth".


  • The Inspector travelled with another Aidan (but with an "a") in his eleventh incarnation.
  • Aiden was always seen with his high-tech claymore at hand, except once during "The Sulphur Soldiers".
  • When Wilson was unavailable during the filming of "The Infinite Cyclorama", the role of Aiden was briefly played in a dream sequence by an English actor named Frazer Hines.
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