Aidan Davies
Aidan Andrew LeePotts
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 21st Century
Species Human
Gender Male
First Appearance: The Clock Strikes Eleven
Last Appearance: The Last of the Snarling Lions
Portrayed By: Andrew-Lee Potts
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Aidan Davies ("It's Aidan with an 'a'!") travelled with the Eleventh Inspector. He was played by British actor Andrew-Lee Potts

Aidan was originally a special constable on the housing estate of Goldsworth Park in Woking. He met Angie Lake in college, and they stayed good friends. When Angie came to a party with the Inspector one night, he grew curious and followed them to the BOOTH. At first, the Inspector was reluctant to travel with Aidan—he felt his name was too similar to Aiden—but eventually tolerated his company. After many adventures together, he and Angie grew closer and eventually married.

"Let's Kill Hitler"Edit

Andrew lee potts 01

Aidan using his 2015-edition smartwatch

When the BOOTH lands in 1933 Germany, Aidan disobeys the Inspector's orders not to interfere with history and heads off to kill Adolf Hitler. With the dictator dead, they return to the early 21st century and discover a peaceful world, with happy people everywhere. The Inspector admits Aidan's actions have created "heaven on Earth". Unfortunately, on their next trip into the future, a Blorgon Battlehub arrives and annihilates the now-pacifist planet. Aidan understands that the consequences of time travel are not always obvious, and the Inspector regretfully takes him back in time so he can stop his previous self before he changes history.


• In 1997 Lee-Potts met and briefly dated actress Hannah Spearritt, the future associate Lily Taylor. In 2006, they were both cast in another time-travelling programme Primeval and began dating again, though the couple finally split in early 2013.

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