Ümlaütsøn the Terrible
Umlautson the Terrible
Vital statistics
Planet of Origin: Earth
Original era: 10th Century
Species Human
Gender Male
Appears In: The Space Viking, The Visage of Villainy
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Ümlaütsøn the Terrible is a recurring enemy of the Inspector who first appeared in "The Space Viking" along the Third Inspector.

History Edit

Ümlaütsøn was originally a human from the 10th century. One day, a Rostraan spaceship crashed next to his longhouse. He helped the creature, who in exchange offered him advanced technology. Soon, Ümlautsøn built terrible weapons that assured him the control of Scandinavia. Thankfully, the Third Inspector got there in time to put an end to his plans of conquest. He escaped with the Rostraan's spaceship to find a new place in the universe to rule.

He landed on Barbartron IV, and challenged the king Sonacry to a fight for the planet. The Fourth Inspector was there and discovered that Ümlaütsøn's plan was far more elaborate. He told the King, and as a result Ümlaütsøn was forced to leave the planet without even fighting because his weapons were disabled by the Inspector.

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